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How To Cook in High Heels

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May 1st, 2011

06:37 pm - Welcome!

I just want to take a minute and welcome you to my new adventure!  This is a place for me to share with you my journey and love affair with all things food. The good, the bad, and the sometimes ugly! I am going to post recipes I have come up with or come across and tried. Lots of pictures from my kitchen, places I may go, or thing I might even work with at school. Please feel free to make requests of certain items, techniques, or styles you would like to see!

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September 27th, 2009

07:29 pm - MIA
So wow. I have been MIA here now for a few months. I finished up with my last term of school and I am now doing my internship! I have lots of new yummy recipes that I am hoping to try out and share with yall and hopefully I will get to it at least twice a week.

Up on my list are:
Lasagna Casserole
Potato and Leek Soup
Browned Butter and Apple Ravioli
Elephant Ear Cookies
Stained Glass
Chicken Pot Pie
Hotel Niko Carrot Cake

Lots of pictures to follow... Some of these are going to be new for me and some are ones that I am trying to perfect. If there is anything that you want to know or see that you have been skitish about trying let me know!

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July 14th, 2009

08:44 pm - I am alive and a light fresh summer salad

Wow I am alive, my camera however is once again in the hands of Cannon... Thank heavens for a warrinty... I have a wonderful beautiful salad that is light and fresh to share with yall.

I got a whole bunch of Tomatoes fresh on the vine still from a good friend and I now have a yummy marinara sauce in the freezer but still had just enough left over to try something new!

Tomato Mozzarella Salad

1 cup Sliced fresh Tomatoes
 ½ - 1 cup Whole milk Mozzarella


2 Tsp Durkeys Mustard (this is a mayonase mustard its awesome on sandwichesso I do recommed it over miking mustard and mayo)
3 TBSP Olive oil
Garlic Powder (I just used a pinch because not every one I live with enjoys garlic but if you do season till you enjoy it)
Onion Powder (Same as with the garlic powder a pinch or 2)
2 TSP dried Basil (fresh takes more)
Red pepper flakes ( I used maybe 10 lol I am not to big on very spicy but it was enough!)
2 TBSP Seed pulp from tomatoes (this is actually what keeps the dressing held together)

Mix the dressing (taste it add more spices if you want) and pour over the tomatoes and Mozzarella  and let marinade for at least an hour.

Serve chilled

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May 23rd, 2009

11:00 am - *update*
I havent been around much. School has kicked my but these past few weeks. I was in class for 12 hours a day, and had no time for cooking. My camera also now has to go get fixed so until then.... But I do have lots of yummy things I am going to try and I will be sharing them with you!


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May 8th, 2009

09:15 pm - Chocolate Hazelnut Pancakes

 I love pancakes, but am not a huge fan of making them. Something about by the time I finish the ones I first did being cold. I have tried gadgets and such and just usually get annoyed. I think I may have finally found the secret to making pancakes. I bake them! I heat butter in one of my larger caserole dishes and when my pan is nice and hot and my butter is bubbly I pour in my favorite pancake mix and bake it off. When It comes out I flip it onto a cutting board and use a round cookie cutter or any ohter shape or just cut it into pieces. This morning I had off and my hang over wanted chocolate. so I made chocolate hazelnut panckaes.

I used my favorite butter milk pancake mix and added in a few tablespoons of nutella (I was originally going to also use peanut butter but changed my mind)

I bake my pancakes in a 350 oven and if you do it in pan that is already super hot it shouldnt take more than 10-15 minutes (ovens vary) the top will turn a nice golden brown and when you touch it will be slightly firm.

I turn mine out on to a cutting board to make cutting them into circles easier. If I use a square or rectangle pan i just cut them into squares.

For these I used a biscuit cutter.

and pulled away the scraps which I snacked on through out the day.

The food porn drippymaple cream shot!

I made whipped cream to which I added a hint of maple syrup so yummy. I have added bananna rum to whipped cream to go on top of chocolate pancakes, so yum.

The sugared oats: I melted 2 tbsp of butter and 3tbsp of brown sugar and added about 1/2 cup (until the melted butter sugar mixture is absorbed) and baked it for 5 minute intervals stiring. I use them on yogurn and ice cream and pancakes!

I loved these pancakes and so did my friends, hope you do as well!

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May 4th, 2009

11:10 pm - Weekend event!

Work an event this weekend as an assistant, was a lot of work and I am still exhausted but they are so much fun! I have pictures to!

Those are some big ol sweet potatos! The were the same size as the butternut squash!

Such yummy fresh veggies! It is so amazing to be able to get what ever we want/need no matter the season or cost and sometimes, that makes it all that much more worth it in the end.

I love pears and they gave me such a wonderful idea for a plated desert chef had me do to demonstrate propper ways to give color, height, and various ways to make a plate purdy!

hummm wonder which knife is mine.... Yah I get a lot of flack for the pink knives, but hey everyone pretty much knows they are mine and I dont have to worry about someone trying to switch out or walk away with them... that and the name engraving!

This is my favorite Chef. He is so down to earth and so easy to work with and treats us like equals. Here he is explaining to the students how to open up a pork round.

The desert I made... I didnt think to get a picture until everyone sarted to dig in!
I infused wine with the zest of an orange and a lemon as well as vanilla and a cinamon stick. Soaked the pear in it for about an hour and then sauted till for tender. I served the pears on a ginger snap crust. The wine was reduced down to a syrup and added to the whipped cream. I topped the pears with english toffee and drizzeled with the reduction! Yummo!

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May 1st, 2009

09:01 pm - caramilized onion and apple chicken

So I am moving in a few weeks and I am trying not to go to the grocery store and utilize what I have on hand... Things are about to get interesting! Tonight was caramilized onions and apple chicken.

I stared with 2 chicken brest seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic powder.

I lightly caramilized a sweet onion

Once my onions start to get a bit of color on them I added one snack size granny smith apple sauce (or you can use a granny smith apple finly sliced), a drizzle of honey, salt, pepper, and ever glade seasonings.

I topped my chicken with the onion mixture and baked at 350 till the fattest part of my chicken reached 165 degrees. (about 30 minutes)

ooo yummy! I actually scrapped off the onion apple mixture, added a splach of white wine, a few tabe spoons of chicken stock, and another drizzel of honey to deglaze my pan and make a yummy sauce.

Dinner for one is served with a rather large and unclassy glass of wine!

2 boneless skinless chicken breast
1 large sweet onion
1 snack container apple sauce or 1 granny smith apple
3 table spoons white wine
3 tablespoons chicken stock

To taste:
garlic powder
everglade seasoning

1. Sice onion into fine strips, and add to a sauce pan that has been warmed over medium- medium high heat. Lightly carmilize. This will take about 20 minutes, stiring every 5 minutes or so.
2. Once onions turn a light golden brown color add in apple sauce, or apple if you are using it.
3 Add in a pinch of salt, pepper, everglade seasonings, and garlic powder, as well as about 2 teaspoons of honey.
4. Let it heat through and top your chicken breast with the mixture.
5. Season chicken breast with salt, pepper,and garlic powder.
6. Cook at 350 till the fattest part of your chicken reaches 165 degrees.
7. Scrape onion mixture of the top of your chicken breast and remove to plate to let sit. In your pan add your white wine to deglaze the lovely flavor droppings. Add in your chicken stock as well as another 2 tsp of honey.
8. Add mixture back on top of your chicken.
9. Serve and Enjoy!

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07:43 pm - Things I always need in my kitchen!

There are a few things I always keep in my kitchen and I recommend you might want to keep in yours.

Sharp knives. I sharpen my knives every week. I recommend spending money on at least one good chef knife or all purpose knife that feels good to you.

Spices. I have a wonderful stock of spices and herbs. I have a friend where I get all my fresh herbs from, since I have a black thumb and can not mannage to grow my own.

I always have garlic, onions, real butter, and home made chicken stock on hand.

Fine quality chocolate. I love chocolate and will keep it on hand for a beautiful desert or a bad day, which ever comes first.

I usually have a few decent wines on hand reds and whites as well as a decent liquor supply for the baking I do. If you do like wine and dont mind cooking with it just remember if you wouldn't drink it dont cook with it. When you cook with wine the flavors become stronger. I am partial to local wineries and if you would like to find one in your state feel free to visit http://www.weekendwinery.com/Wineries/ also many of them ship their wines. I love Schnebly winery in Florida and often have my family bring me a few bottles when they come to visit.

I am also huge on the eat local, support local. No matter where I have lived the first thing I do is find my local farmers markets. I feel better supporting my local economy as well as knoing just where my food has come from.

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